IcoFX Licenses

IcoFX comes in three flavors. A home license, intended for icon hobbyists. A business license for companies or for profit purposes. A site license for large companies.

Which license is right for me?

Home License

You can purchase a home license if you are an individual user and you do not sell or do not use your icons for commercial purposes.

Business License

You must purchase a business license if any of the following condition applies:
  • You wish to use IcoFX in a company or organization
  • You use the created icons\images in commercial applications
  • You sell the created icons\images
  • You wish to get all the features of IcoFX including batch processing and editing of toolbar image strips

Site License

Same conditions apply as for the business license. In addition you are allowed install and use the software on all computers on a physical location (a building, or a set of buildings within 10 km of each other, that are utilized by you). Each employee at the physical location can use the Software.

Feature comparison

Features  Home Business / Site
Use IcoFX in a company or organization  -
Use the icons\images in commercial projects  -
Sell the created icons\images  -
Batch extract icons form files  -
Batch convert images to icons  -
Batch convert icons to images  -
Batch combine images to icons  -
Batch apply actions to images  -
Create and edit toolbar image strips  -
Create Android icons in one step  -
Create iOS (iPhone) icons in one step  -
Create and edit Windows icons 
Create and edit Windows cursors 
Create and edit Macintosh icons 
Convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons 
Full featured editor 
Extract icons from files 
Convert images to icons 
Save icons as images 
Image objects for easy icon creation 
Create and edit icon libraries 
Modify icons in applications and dll files 
Customize folder icons 

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