Money Back Guarantee

Technical Specifications

Supported File Formats

  • Import and export: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG2000, BMP, APNG, XPM
  • Import: SVG
  • Open and save: ICO, CUR, ANI, ICNS, ICL, CUL, IFX
  • Extract from: EXE, DLL, OCX, Mac Binary, AppleSingle, AppleDouble
  • Capture: Ability to capture images from your desktop
  • Support for BMP and PNG toolbar image strips

Image Processing

  • Layers-based image editing (IFX images)
  • Over 20 tools for selection, crop, painting, retouching, typing, measuring and navigation
  • Use over 40 filters
  • Adjust image size and resolution, expand image, trim image
  • Scale, Rotate, Flip (vertical or horizontal)
  • Fill images, layers or selections
  • Batch process
    • Extract icons or cursors from files
    • Export icons or cursors to image
    • Create icons or cursors from images
    • Group Images to Icons
    • Apply Actions
  • Resource editor
    • Create/modify icon libraries (ICL) and cursor libraries (CUL)
    • Modify icons/cursors inside 32 bit EXE files
  • Advanced brush settings
    • Size, angle, spacing, width, height
    • Dynamic parameters: size jitter, angle jitter, width jitter, height jitter, opacity jitter, hue jitter, saturation jitter, brightness jitter, x/y position jitter
  • Powerful multicolor gradients
    • Many predefined gradients
    • Gradient editor to create custom gradients
  • Text Styles
  • Record/playback effects and adjustments using actions


  • Selection
    • Tools: Rectangular, Elliptical, Lasso, Magic Wand, Move selected pixels
    • Move/Modify selection
    • Smooth selection
    • Inverse selection
    • Edit selection in Quick Mask mode
  • Crop tool
  • Painting
    • Tools: Brush, Pencil, Gradient, Fill, Line, Curves
    • Specify blend mode, opacity, brush for painting tool
  • Shapes
    • Tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Shape
    • Specify blend mode, fill of shapes
  • Retouching
    • Tools: Eraser, Color Eraser, Blur, Sharpen, Brighten, Darken
    • Specify brush and strength
  • Text tool
  • Measuring and navigation
    • Color Picker, Hand, Zoom, Ruler

Image Adjustments

  • Color Balance
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Opacity
  • Fade Out
  • Transparent Color
  • Inner and Drop Shadow
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Bevel
  • Replace Color or Pixels
  • Rotate


  • Use over 40 predefined effects or create your own filter
    • Invert, Grayscale, RGB Channel Mixer
    • Emboss Color, Emboss Dark, Emboss, Emboss Light
    • Average, Blur, Blur Soft, Blur More, Motion Blur, Gaussian Blur
    • Sharpen, Sharpen Less, Sharpen More, Directional Sharpen
    • Find Edges (vertical), Find Edges (horizontal), Enhance Edges, Detect Edges, Edges Strong, Edges Weak, Contour
    • Glow, Waggle, Pattern, Paint Dark, Paint Bright, Shake, Shake Less, Pale, Scene, Drop Shadow
    • Add Noise
  • Ability to create custom filter


  • Layers-based image editing (only for images)
  • Create new, duplicate, delete, rename, import or hide layers
  • Change blending mode for layer
    • Normal, Multiply, Additive, Color Burn, Color Dodge, Reflect, Glow, Overlay, Difference, Negation, Lighten, Darken, Screen, Exclusion, Hue, Saturation, Color, Brightness, Soft Light, Hard Light, Pin Light, Freeze, Heat, Subtractive.
  • Adjust layer opacity
  • Merge layers
  • Flatten image
  • Arrange layers

User Interface

  • Interface designed to work with small images
  • Dockable panels
    • Tools, Tool Options, Layers, Brushes, Swatches, Palette, Gradients, Colors, History, Explorer, Preview, Histogram, Info panels
  • Quick Mask mode
  • Use grid and zoom up to 10000% to edit small images
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Explorer panel to easily import images
  • Save/Load work spaces
  • Sidebar to view all the images in the icon
  • Create Win/Mac icon from image
  • Snapshot
  • Many customizable preferences
  • Search box for quick command execution


  • RGB, HSB, Gray color modes
  • Transparent color
  • Access to the palette of palette base images
  • Add, remove and pick colors from Swatches panel
  • Eyedropper allows picking colors from images
  • Recent colors
  • Global color picker to pick color from anywhere on the screen


  • Customize folder icons


  • English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish