Batch Group is fast and stable. Naming error though...

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Tue May 02, 2017 8:28 pm

The Batch Group tool is nice. There's a huge (and free!) set of icons here Sadly it only has 16x16 and 32x32. Nearly 4000 different images though! They are offered as PNG or ICO but... (drum roll...) They are not combined. So I did some renaming with the excellent ReNamer, appending "_16" and "_32" respectively. Then combined them with IcoFX3. IcoFX was as fast to process them as ReNamer or any of my drag-n-drop operations were. Smooth and Stable -- Nice!

It appears that IcoFX3 alters the names a bit too much though....
It does make sense to get rid of the _16 and _32, but a bunch of other stuff got stripped too. (Apparently everything other than [a-zA-Z])

In the image, the pane on the right is "pre combined" and there are two files:
The first one got named
and the second one disappeared into cyberspace.

I think several other were lost too, because there were 3926 each of the 16s and 32s, but only 3884 combined icons in the end...
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Thu May 11, 2017 8:15 am


The grouping name convention is described on the following page:

In your case
Got combined into the same icon, and because Windows icons cannot contain 2 images with the same format (16x16) the second one was ignored ("disappeared into cyberspace" :) )

Since there are many number/letter combination in file names (consider also other languages) there is no bulletproof way on how to check the similar names. There is no way for IcoFX to know if the 32 and 64 in your filename means resolution, bit count or something else. This is why all numbers and special chars are ignored.

Attila Kovrig
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Fri May 12, 2017 3:19 am

Thanks for the reply. I actually came up with a workaround using the above mentioned ReNamer app.

I did a "transliteration" and turned
"1" into "zOneyz
"2" into "zTwoyz"
"_" into "zUnderscoreyz"

Then added the "_16" or "_32" to the end and combined them.

Then I reverse-transliterated the
z<Name of char>yz back into <char>
after combining.

It seemed to work just fine that way!


The process was laborious, but that's okay--this batch combine tool is not something I'm likely to use very often anyway. You could probably make IcoFX3 so that it only recognized the right-most set of digits in the filename as the pixel deliminator. Like:

That might be too complicated for some users though....
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