Some additional objects. Not great, but...

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Mon May 08, 2017 3:07 am

Was experimenting with bulk-making highlights and shadows.

Download is here:!AqHL41KhytEliLg1dw71bLn3GlZouQ
It's safe. There's nothing in there but 144 PNGs.

To use, unzip and put folder in location such as:
C:\Program Files (x86)\icofx3\Objects\ for 64 bit systems.

Somehow the colored backgrounds got sorted reverse of the highlights and shadows. Screenshot of opened folder:

See here for directions:

EDIT: Most of that screenshot got cropped, so here's another smaller one that shows just the backgrounds.

Note that each of the transparency images was made as a black and a white, mostly the white ones will be useful as highlights near the top of the shape, and shadows at the bottom. Presumably, if you use both black and white of the same gradient, they'll cancel each other out into an ugly gray. Mine are only 128X128. You can use them with IcoFX3's Symbol library, but the library items are 1024x2024, so you have to shrink them.
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