Creating Animations

Using IcoFX you can create animations like animated cursors, GIF files or animated PNG (APNG) images.

Create an Animated Cursor

To create an animated cursor use the "File/New/New Cursor..." menu item. This will open the New Cursor dialog.

New Cursor
New Cursor Dialog

On the New Cursor dialog select the desired image size and bit count. Make sure that the "Animated Cursor (ANI)" radio button is selected. This will create a new animation in IcoFX.

To preview your animation move the cursor over the Preview panel. Until the mouse is over the Preview panel the preview is animated.

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An animation consists of more images called frames that are changed at a given interval called frame rate.

To add a new frame to your animation use the "Image/Add new Image" menu item. You can also duplicate an already existing frame by using the "Image/Animation/Duplicate Frame" menu item. This will create an exact copy of the selected frame.

The "Image/Animation" menu contains useful commands for animations like:

  • Duplicate Frame - Duplicates the selected frame
  • Move Frame Up - Moves the selected frame up
  • Move Frame Down - Moves the selected frame down
  • Reverse Frames - Reverse the order of the frames in the animation.

You can change the order of frames by dragging the selected frame to the desired position in the side bar of the animation.

To delete the selected frame use the "Image/Delete Image" menu item. You can also delete multiple frames using the "Image/Image Manager..." menu item.

Image Manager Dialog

On this dialog you can select the frames you want to delete. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files.

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Frame Rate

To change the frame rate of an animation use the Frame Rate dialog. You can open the Frame Rate dialog using the "Image/Animation/Frame Rate..." menu item.

Frame Rate
Image Manager Dialog

On this dialog you can set the frame rate of any given frame. The dialog shows a preview of the frame and its frame rate. To change the frame rate of a frame select it and enter the new value in the "Frame Rate" edit box. You can also select multiple frames. In this case the new frame rate will be applied to all the selected frames.

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Hot Spot

Using the Cursor Hot Spot dialog you can set the hot spot of a cursor. You can open this dialog using the "Image/Cursor/Hot Spot..." menu item.

Hot Spot
Hot Spot Dialog

On the Cursor Hot Spot dialog you can enter the X and Y coordinates of the hot spot. Using the arrow buttons you can quickly select some predefined positions like top-left, top-center, center etc.

Using the cross-air button you can select the hot spot on the image. Click the button and the dialog will be hidden to allow you to select the hot spot. The current hot spot is marked by a blinking rectangle.

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Author and Name

You can specify the name and author of the animated cursor using the "Author and Name" dialog. You can start the dialog by using the "Image/Animation/Author and Name..." menu item. Pressing the save button located after the author edit box will save the author as default. IcoFX will automatically fill the author with this saved value, when a new ani file is created.

Author and Name Dialog
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Test The Cursor

Using the Cursor Test dialog you can test the cursor. To open the Cursor Test dialog use the "Image/Cursor/Test Cursor..." menu item.

Cursor Test Dialog

On this dialog you can try out your cursor. You can see how it works with different controls like buttons, combo boxes etc. Also you can test the hot spot of the cursor by drawing on a small canvas. You can change the color of the canvas by double clicking it and selecting a new color.

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