Icon Sets

Icon sets are premade symbols that you can use to create your icons. Each icon set comes with a number of symbols that you can use in combination with the overlay images to change their meaning. Additionally, the symbols and overlays of the icon sets can be colorized to match your brand or user interface design. The icon sets are designed to work with the integrated Icon Mixer of icofx.

Purchasing Icon Sets

Icofx comes with a free icon set called Google Material Design. Additional icon sets can be purchased here.

When purchasing an icon set you will receive a license key that will allow you to install the icon set. The same license key can be used to install any future update to the icon set.


To start the installation of an icon set download the installer of the desired icon set from https://icofx.ro/imageobjects.html. The installer is an exe file. Start the installer by double clicking the file.

License of the icon set

On the first page you will be presented with the license of the icon set. To continue the installation, you must accept the license agreement. You accept the agreement by selecting the "I accept the agreement" radio button. Press the Next button to continue the installation process.

Registering the icon set

Next, you'll have to enter the license key you received when purchasing your icon set. Each icon set has a different license key, so make sure you enter the correct one. You also have the option to go to the icon set purchasing site by clicking the "Purchase a license key" link. Once a correct license key is entered the Install button will be enabled and you can install the icon set.

The icon set is installing

Next the Installer will start copying the icon set's files.

The installation is finished

After the installation finished you can close the installer using the Close button. After you restart icofx the new icon set will be visible in the Icon Mixer.

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