Using the selection tools available in IcoFX you can quickly select any part of your images. That means you can edit and apply effects and adjustments to portions of your images, remove unwanted objects, or even cut out objects from one picture to put on another.

Making Selections

You can create selections using the selection tools of IcoFX. You can choose between four selection tools:

  • Rectangular Rectangular Selection
  • Elliptical Elliptical Selection
  • Lasso Lasso Selection
  • Magic Magic Wand

Using these tools you can select different portions of your images. These tools are described more detailed in the Tools chapter.

Using the selection modes you can create complex selections. IcoFX supports three selection modes:

  • New New - The old selection will be lost, and a new one will be created.
  • Add Add - The new selection will be added to the already existing selection.
  • Subtract Subtract - The new selection will be subtracted from the already existing selection.

To select all the image use the "Edit/Select All" menu item. This will select the whole image. The selected area is marked with a moving dashed line. The line is animated so you can easily find the selected areas. By using the "Edit/Deselect" menu item you can deselect your images.

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Saving/Loading Selections

You can save and load selections to files. This allows you to reuse a selection later.

To save an existing selection use the "Edit/Save Selection..." menu item. The selection will be saved to a png file. The selection is stored in the alpha channel of the png image.

You can load a saved selection using the "Edit/Load Selection..." menu Item. The current selection will be changed to the stored selection. You an load any png image. The alpha channel (transparency) of the image will be used to create the selection. If the selection is larger than the image then the selection is cropped.

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Adjusting Selections

Move Selection You can move a selection by moving the mouse over it using a selection tool and dragging the selection. This works only if the selection mode is set to "New". When you move the mouse over a selection the cursor will change notifying you that you can now move the selection.

Using the "Edit/Invert Selection" menu item you can invert the selected area. The unselected area will become selected and the selected one will become unselected.

Using the "Edit/Bring To Front" and "Edit/Send To Back" menu items you can bring the selected pixels to the foreground or send them behind your image.

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Quick Mask

The Quick Mask mode allows you to make precise adjustments to your selection. In the Quick Mask mode the selection is converted to a temporary mask for easier editing. The Quick Mask appears as a red colored overlay and can be edited using any of the available tools. For example, you can feather your selection by adding a Blur effect in the Quick Mask mode.

To edit the selection in Quick Mask mode press the Quick Mask button on the Tools panel. When in Quick Mask mode you can only paint with grayscale colors. Painting with black will deselect the paints areas while painting with white will select the painted areas.

You can use all the available tools in Quick Mask mode like the brush, rectangle, gradient etc. Effects and adjustments can be also applied in Quick Mask Mode.

Quick MaskFor example if you draw a gradient filled rectangle in the quick mask mode then the given area will be selected. Changing the hue of the image will affect only the selected area.

You can set the preferences of the Quick Mask mode using the Preferences dialog.

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Working With The Selected Pixels

Quick MaskOnce you made a selection on the image you can also work with the selected pixels. Using the Move tool you can move the selected pixels. Also the move tool can resize the selected pixels. Resize the selected pixels by dragging the control points that surround the selected area.

Using the "Edit/Fit To Window" menu item you can size the selection so that it will fit the whole canvas. The "Edit/Original Size" menu item will reset the size of the selection to its original size.

You can also delete the selected area using the "Edit/Delete" menu item or by simply pressing the delete key. Using the "Edit/Copy" menu item you can copy the selected pixels and later paste it to another image using the "Edit/Paste" menu item.

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