For more information please consult the help file of IcoFX here.

Batch create icons from images

To convert more images to icons easily you can use the Batch Process dialog of IcoFX.

To batch create icons from images follow these steps:

1. Start IcoFX

2. Open the Batch Process dialog using the "Tools/Batch Process..." menu item.

Batch Process window

3. Using the "Add..." button add the image files that you would like to convert to icons.

Info:You can also add icons here. New icons will be created based on these icons. Using this method you can batch convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons.

4. In the "Image Formats" group box you can select the image formats to include in the icons. It is recommended to leave the default values.

5. Specify the output directory for the icons. The icons Will be created ion this Folder.

6. Specify the file format of the icons. You have two options:

  • ico - This will create Windows icons from your images
  • icns - This will create Macintosh icons from your images

7. Press the OK button to start processing the files.

For more information about the Batch Process dialog consult the help file of IcoFX.


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