Create a cursor

Using IcoFX you can create also cursors for the Windows operating system. Using many drawing tools and more than 40 effects you can draw your cursor easily.

To create a cursor using IcoFX follow these steps:

1. Start IcoFX.

2. Create a new empty cursor using the "File/New cursor..." menu item.

3. On the New Cursor dialog select the size 32x32 and the data type True Color + Alpha channel. You can select different sizes, but the Windows operating system will resize it to 32x32 because that is the standard cursor size. Select static cursor as the cursor type because we will make a static cursor in this tutorial.

New Cursor
New Cursor Dialog

4. Draw your cursor.

5. Set the hot spot of the cursor using the Hot Spot dialog. Open the dialog using the "Image/Cursor/Hot Spot..." menu item.

Hot Spot
The Hot Spot Dialog

6. You can test the cursor using the Cursor Test dialog. Here you can draw on a small canvas using your new cursor and can also test the look and feel of the cursor against different test controls like buttons, edit boxes, etc. You can start the Cursor Test dialog using the "Image/Cursor/Test Cursor..." menu item.

The Cursor Test Dialog

7. When you are done editing the cursor, save it using the "File/Save..." menu item.

For more information about the New Cursor dialog consult the help file of IcoFX.

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